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Regretfully another dog in the UK has had to have an eye removed and the owners have done everything they can both for the dog and to assist the research. The Dog has already been eye tested affected and the litter sister lost an eye at a very young age. DNA was provided at that time by the owners.  Using the new information on the dog concerned and the DNA already held by the researchers Roslin have confirmed that it matches the sequence on the models they have been working on.   The next stage is to sequence 10 dogs total genome and also one reference dog – this will include dogs tested affected, normal, and those that have developed glaucoma and lost eyes. So how can you help? We have a few owners that provided DNA (many to Alan Wilton) where the DNA has been used but Roslin needs some more DNA from these dogs – it takes a lot of DNA to do a full genome and a lot of the early DNA came from Australia and as you know was not sent over in the best of condition. Several of the dogs may well no longer be with us – but should they be then can we ask you to get in touch and Roslin can send you swabs to gain some more DNA – all of these dogs are in the public domain as being affected and or have lost eyes.

In addition, if any owners and or breeders that have not already supplied DNA of dogs that have been eye tested affected (anywhere in the world) or have lost eyes can they please get in touch with us at the PBHF in total confidence and we will arrange for Roslin to contact you and ask for DNA. 

 Lastly, the researchers would like DNA from any dogs that have been eye tested (goniscopy) more than once with the same result outcome. Several had them done at the 2 clinics we did in the UK and most provided DNA either by blood or swab. So we just need DNA from any that may have been tested but not yet given the DNA.  Thank you in advance from at least one breeder who has offered their bitches DNA who has been tested twice. The research is really moving on and with just a bit more help we should be able to publish the next steps. In the meantime, it is important to keep eye testing and publishing the results and read the research information around breeding on our website and in the files.


Judith Gregory


Val Davis

 Marg Garland