Border Collie Club



Chairman's report from AGM 10/2/2019

2018 was once again a good year for West of England border collie club, starting with the spring open breed and limited obedience show and the eye clinic, this all ran smoothly after a rocky start, when we discovered our judge thought the show was the next day. My thanks to all our entrants for their patients and understanding, the judge arrived and we got going about an hour late.

Next was the limited obedience and open Rally show in October where the weather turned against us with heavy rain and extensive flooding resulting in people being unable to get to the show. but those that did manage to get there, competitors, judges and committee all pulled together and the show went ahead in sunshine. It was a great day.  Thank you all.

Then came our champ show we set up the night before as usual with a tremendous amount of help from committee and friends who had entered, the show the next day, I thank you all for your help, I wont mention names as I don't want to miss anyone outas there were so many of you.

I would like to thank our secretary Marg for all her hard work throughout the year before during and after the shows her work is ongoing, Also Ann and Ken lampier who have taken over from me by running the kitchen and sales to competitors. Lastly thank you to all of the committee for your help throughout the year at the shows. Good luck to you all in 2019

Val Davis

Breed council report

This year a team from the breed council with members from participating clubs put together an extended breed standard that could be used as a tool for Judges training and as a tool for existing judges, and this can be seen on the breed council website. This was also used as a basis for the Border collie film on the kennel clubs academy training site.

They have also launched a face book page  ‘BCBC information’ that allows all club members to interact with the breed council to find out what is going on.

This year we have had Bob Tunicliffe who has been chairman for a good many years retire from his post, and he was presented with a weather vane purchased with donations from the clubs as a thank you. 

Sue Ader Breed council club rep.

P.B.H.F Report

There have been a number of new  health tests developed, full details are available on the PBHF public facebook page and website.

The dna test for the predisposition of narrow angles in the eye is now available, but it should be noted this test only shows if a dog has the predisposition to produce narrow drainage angles, and is not a definitive test that can tell if a dog is likely to develop glaucoma or not, so eye testing for glaucoma is still necessary.  

There have been quite a number of discounted clinics for taking dna samples for all conditions and I believe KK will be attending our show in April if anyone is interested in having samples taken there.

The KC have now agreed to accept the dna test for cea from animal genetics, and include them on registration certificates.

Sue Ader P.B.H.F. club rep